1-on-1 Personal Coaching

$8.50 / day

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching with the World's Strongest Powerlifter of All-Time. Includes unlimited e-mail correspondence, 100% custom program, video critique, and all the knowledge in the world to get you stronger.

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  • Personalized 1-on-1 communication with the World’s Strongest Powerlifter of All-Time.
  • Gorilla Squad Strength Welcome Page.
  • Gorilla Squad Strength Explanation & Introduction Page.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Charts.
  • Detailed Week-by-Week PDF Training Protocol.
  • Gorilla Squad Excel Training Log.
  • Unlimited email correspondence for the duration of your training cycle.
  • 100% Custom Program – The Vanilla Gorilla’s Promise: No two programs are EVER identical!
  • Weekly video critique & feedback.
  • Picking the brain and knowledge of the Strongest Powerlifter of All-Time to help get you stronger.

  • Any human being looking to get bigger, stronger, more athletic, or improve body composition.
  • Any age, gender, or lifestyle.

  • After you have completed the questionnaire and checked out, I will begin working on a very detailed, custom, and ideal training program for you.
  • Once I have completed my analytics of your responses, I will send you the initial documentation to begin your training program via email.
  • We will have weekly communication discussing your training including sending me any YouTube videos to analyze technique.
  • We will work together utilizing a continuous, positive communication feedback loop to get you bigger, stronger, and ready to lift heavier weight than you ever have.

  • I will put my skills to use of being a competitive athlete and training for size and strength for 15+ years.
  • I will put my experience of what I learned going from a 145 lb. high school freshman to the Strongest Powerlifter of All-Time into a method where I will help you translate my experience into your gains.
  • I will put my knowledge attained from achieving a Master’s degree from one of the most prestigious Engineering schools in the country, my comprehension of metrics tracking, data analytics, Excel programming, pattern & trend identification, as well as Physics, Mechanics, Statics, and Dynamics to bring you the most detailed training program available in the world today.

    “Blaine Sumner is one of the best powerlifters in the world. That's not why you should hire him as a coach. In fact, most top-level athletes are awful coaches as they can’t convey the reasons behind their own success, and can't rightly “coach talent” into another lifter. I have hired many of the top lifters in the world to help with various aspects of competition prep. Blaine stands out. The reason he stands out is because of his systematic and personalized approach to maximizing my potential as a lifter. I’m a frank guy, and I’ll be straight with you: the biggest mistake Blaine is making is that he charges far too little for the amount of personalized help (and extra kilos!) he adds to your total. The only decision you’ll regret is that by the time you read this, he’ll likely already be at capacity, and so you'll need to spend valuable months on his waiting-list.”

    Lauren Cohen
    Chaired PhD Professor
    Harvard Business School

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