100% Customized Strength Program

    $1.50 / day

    Guaranteed to be the most advanced, personal, and refined strength training program in the world. No two programs will ever be identical. Truly customized to suit your lifestyle, training environment, and weak points.

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  • Gorilla Squad Strength Welcome Page.
  • Gorilla Squad Strength Explanation & Introduction Page.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Charts.
  • Detailed Week-by-Week PDF Training Protocol.
  • Gorilla Squad Excel Training Log.
  • 100% Custom Program – The Vanilla Gorilla's Promise: No two programs are EVER identical!

  • Any human being looking to get bigger, stronger, more athletic, or improve body composition.
  • Any age, gender, or lifestyle.

  • After you have completed the questionnaire and checked out, I will begin working on a very detailed, custom, and ideal training program for you.
  • Once I have completed my analytics of your responses, I will send you the documentation to begin your training program via email.
  • Documentation includes your Custom Strength Training program of your specified duration in PDF format and the Gorilla Squad Excel Training Log.

  • I will put my skills to use of being a competitive athlete and training for size and strength for 15+ years.
  • I will put my experience of what I learned going from a 145 lb. high school freshman to the Strongest Powerlifter of All-Time into a method where I will help you translate my experience into your gains.
  • I will put my knowledge attained from achieving a Master's degree from one of the most prestigious Engineering schools in the country, my comprehension of metrics tracking, data analytics, Excel programming, pattern & trend identification, as well as Physics, Mechanics, Statics, and Dynamics to bring you the most detailed training program available in the world today.

    “I've been following Blaine's training for quite some time now and although he is my favorite lifter and I love watching him lift I was even more impressed in how he could be training that heavy, with such high volume in almost every single training he posted.
    In a short time I have tried some known (and unknown) training methods, and all with results I won't lie about that but never found anything I truly loved. Since working with Blaine I have regained joy in training, and was able to push much harder than ever before. I found it funny that before I would bench once or maybe twice a week and feeling busted, now I bench multiple times a week, and been able to hit all time PR's at the end of the week. Regarding personal records I can say that within the first cycle with Blaine I have beat pretty much every single PR not only in all power lifts but in their variations as well. Another amazing thing is even if you are a geared lifter you will work very hard on your raw strength. You will become much stronger and overall better lifter with Blaine. I can't praise him enough for always being available and with key help everything I need!”

    Nuno Couto, Portugal

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