The Off-Season Orangutan Program


My classical, tried and true, bread and butter off-season program.

At some point every year, it is a great idea for a powerlifter to have an extended off-season. Where there is no stress about a competition, just a period of time to add muscle, take a break from heavy, high-intensity training, and add more general strength.

This 12-Week program still incorporates plenty of squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting so you don’t lose any technical proficiencies you have developed. But takes a step back from lower reps, and works in higher rep schemes to build muscle, increase general physical preparedness, and develop a work capacity to get back into a solid meet prep cycle – ready to work harder than ever.

This is a low frequency program because the individual lift days will truly push you to the brink. Sessions will be long and grueling, but the body will be more ready than ever to chase new PRs on the next meet cycle. After these 12 weeks your muscular horsepower capacity will be greatly improved via an increase in the cross-sectional muscle area resulting from hypertrophy gains.

Summary of the Off-Season Orangutan Program:

  • 12 Weeks
  • 4X/Week training
  • 1X Squat, 2X Bench, 1X Deadlift each week
  • 2X Upper/Lower split each week
  • Medium deload every 4th week

Macrocycle: Off-Season phase

Mesocycle: Hypertrophy Strength, Base Strength, Realization


  • 4 Weeks of very high volume and hypertrophy building
  • 4 Weeks of a high volume and hypertrophy continuation
  • 4 Weeks of high volume and hypertrophy realization

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