The Geared Gorilla Program


Even though any of the programs can easily be manipulated for the geared or equipped lifter by using Priority #1 as the equipped movement, this program has more traditional ingredients of an equipped powerlifter's program.

Though the frequency may be slightly higher than an equipped powerlifter is used to, there are still only 2 movements per week of each of the competition lifts.

The most important aspect for an equipped lifter is absolutely mastering the skill at using the gear and for this reason, the weekly singles in each lift are still performed throughout the program as with other Gorilla programs. This time around they are slightly heavier to adapt the body to heavier weight sooner. There is also less volume from other lifts so more emphasis can be put on the main lifts each week.

There are two main movements followed by a Wildcard on Days 1-3, and Day 4 is purely Wildcard. There are also no Priority #3 movements.

The goal of this program is to help the lifter get used to heavy weight and practicing with the equipment while building confidence and staying rested to hit strong singles each week.

Summary of the Geared Gorilla Program:

  • 12 Weeks
  • 4X/Week training
  • 2X Squat, 2X Bench, 2X Deadlift each week
  • Priority #1 is all 3 sets X 1 rep
  • Priority #2 is linear progression with 3 Sets progressing from 5 reps to 2 reps
  • Large deload every 4th week

Macrocycle: Competition Phase

Mesocycle: Equipped Competition in 12 Weeks


  • 4 Weeks of Strength-Power phase and accruing high intensity
  • 4 Weeks of a small Volume Taper and Intensity Transition
  • 4 Weeks of another small Volume Taper, Intensity Ramp, and Competition Taper

There are only 6 heavy movements each week.

  • 3 Equipped Competition movements (building strength + equipment practice)
  • 3 Raw Competition movements (building strength)

As with all of the Gorilla programs, never go to failure.

Openers are to be hit approximately one week out from the competition.

Last warm ups are to be hit early during the week of the competition.

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