The Almighty Arnold Program


Follow the exact program Blaine Sumner has used to prepare for the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival where he shattered every imaginable World Record by squatting 1,113 pounds, bench pressing 904 pounds, totaling 2,805 pounds for a Wilks of 693, all of which are the biggest numbers ever achieved on the International Powerlifting scene.

This program is massively successful for any powerlifter looking to handle heavy loads in training weekly while accumulating incredible amounts of volume over a short period of time. Though there is not a high level of frequency, the work involved in this program will leave you begging for more recovery. Squatting and deadlifting once per week, while benching twice per week with heavy loads and plenty of high rep competition movements and assistance work will lead to some long, grueling gym sessions that will build you bigger and stronger than ever.

Few programs have the ability to couple massive heavy intensity work with continual muscle size gains, and this is one of them. To lift like the best, you have to train like the best. And this program is what led to the biggest powerlifting performance of all-time.

Summary of the Almighty Arnold Program

  • 12 Weeks
  • 4X/Week Training
  • 1X Squat, 2X Bench, 1X Deadlift Weekly
  • Emphasis on intensity with Priority #1 Movements
  • Medium Deload Every 4th Week

Macrocycle: Powerlifting Meet Prep
Mesocycles: Hypertrophy/Strength/Power/Peaking
Microcyles: 4 weeks of Volume Accumulated Strength, 4 weeks of Pure Strength, 4 weeks of Peak Power and Taper

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