The Classic Chimp Program


This program is my take on the classic Western style of training and true linear periodization. I spent nearly all of my high school and college years doing this program or a close variation of it. I put the most strength and size on my body from this program.

Not only is this program excellent for strength, it is also incredible when it comes to adding mass and preparing an athlete for sports. It is all around a superb strength program.

The frequency is performing the lifts just once per week and doing three heavy movements each day that relate to the most specific movement. This program is great for those looking to focus on one movement each day so they can really focus and get excited about 'SQUAT DAY', 'BENCH DAY', and 'DEADLIFT DAY'. The first movement is Priority #1, the second movement is Priority #2, and the third movement is Priority #3 followed by some Wildcard movements.

Though there are three days of heavy, serious training, the 4th day can be used as a ‘fluff’ or fun day to build up the arms and shoulders or hit any other body part you want.

When it comes to a program looking to tackle size, strength, and performance, this is the “go-to” choice.

Summary of the Classic Chimp Program:

  • 12 Weeks
  • 4X/Week training
  • 1X Squat, 1X Bench, 1X Deadlift each week
  • All Priority lifts follow the same linear progression from 8 reps to 2 reps
  • Higher emphasis on volume with Priority #1 movements
  • Medium deload every 4th week

Macrocycle: Off-Season phase

Mesocycle: Muscle building and power development


  • 4 Weeks of very high volume and hypertrophy building
  • 4 Weeks of a small volume taper and high power phase
  • 4 Weeks of another small volume taper, intensity ramp, and strength realization

As with all of the Gorilla programs, never go to failure.

Recommended specific movements are in the table but as with all of the training templates, these can be tailored to the lifter using the loading tables.

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